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Welcome to the homepage of the Sisters of St. John
the Baptist: American Province.  Whether you are a longtime friend of the Baptistines or just now making our acquaintance, we are pleased to share information about our Community with you. We are constantly updating our site and invite you to visit us often




St. John Villa Academy
Elementary School: Pre-K 3-Grade 8
  57 Cleveland Place     Staten Island, NY 10305


      SUNDAY, JAN. 26, 2014

                                         Mass: 10:00 am    Tours: 11am-1pm

       For more info:         Ph: 718.447.2668     



Please continue to remember in your prayers our sisters and brothers in the Philippines. The media coverage is beginning to diminish, but not the needs of those who were in the path of Typhoon Haiyan. The estimate is that 4,000,000 people have been displaced. They are in need of everything in order to rebuild their homes, their families, their lives. In the face of unimagineable devastation, they remain hopeful because of YOU. Your caring words, prayers, and actions give the youngest to the oldest hope and a reason to give thanks. 
The Sisters of St. John the Baptist have many Filipino Sisters serving the poor and orphaned in the areas most severely damaged. Sr Rosita Nunez, CSJB who served in the States and is now back in the Philippines sent the following message from Manila:

"Our Sisters in Leyte, the island that is hardest hit by the super typhoon,  are working directly with the people. Our school and convent are in use as shelters. They are serving hundreds of people. Help and supplies are  desperately needed"

Donations to help the relief effort may be sent to:

Sisters of St. John the Baptist
Typhoon Relief Effort
57 Cleveland Place, Staten Island, NY 10305

100% of every donation will be sent directly to our Sisters in the Philippines.


Sisters Celebrate Their Religious Jubilees

Sr. Lucita Bacat, C.S.JB. (25th); Sr. Jacinta Rodriguez, C.S.JB. (50th); 
Sr. Joseph Paul Manderine, C.S.JB. (50th);  Sr. Mary Cecile Swanton, C.S.JB. (Provincial Superior); Sr. Pauline Lenge, C.S.JB. (75th); Sr. Angelita Vazzano, C.S.JB. (50th)Sr. Mary Patricia Lardieri, C.S.JB. (50th); Sr. Frederick Mary Depew, C.S.JB. (50th);  Sr. Liceria Sayon, C.S.JB. (25th).


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      August 22, 2013  -  Sr. Placid Zinicola, CSJB

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To learn more about the Sisters of St. John the Baptist.
please contact: 

 Sisters of St. John the Baptist
3308 Campbell Drive
Bronx, NY 10465

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